Rotimi Makinde

Rotimi Makinde

As a human rights crusader, I see this as a huge joke. Although I have no problem with government engaging Boko Haram in dialogue in order to put an end to all the senseless/needless killings and destructions. But what happens to all the people that have been killed? Will the government release the killers and allow them to walk free?

If government releases all those criminals because they want Boko Haram to stop its holocaust, then it would be setting very bad precedence and an indication that the Presidency and indeed PDP led government accepted their incapabilities in dealing with the associated challenges of insecurities bedeviling Nigeria.

Throwing money into a problem is not a good culture to discourage the perpetrators. Another draining pipe has just been opened in the history of Nigeria. Those that killed by swords and guns must also face its consequences as designed by law; the souls of innocent children, men and women who met their untimely death are still crying for vengeance and justice. If Nigeria must move forward economically and socio-politically then her leadership must eschew incompetence and gross administrative indiscretion so that posterity won’t judge them harshly.

Hon Rotimi Makinde,
Deputy Chairman, Human Rights Committee,
Federal House of Reps, Abuja.