The journey so far for JaneRita

Entertainment of Friday, 5 April 2013

Source: George Britton


From a humble beginning, JaneRita popularly known in the music circle has rose to become one of Ghana’s most sensational gospel artiste.

Notwithstanding the challenges of the industry, JaneRita has recorded two successive albums and by the supreme grace of God she is pregnant with the third which will be conceived soon this year.

The success journey began in 2008 with her maiden album BLESSING which featured outstanding gospel artiste Pastor Kwame Amponsah.

After BLESSING enjoying so much air-play, touching lives and doing well on the market, she was led by the Holy Spirit again in 2010 to release a second album “WONSO WO MMERE NIE”(This is your time).

This was a massive sensation and saw her to greater fame and height. JaneRita has touched many lives and inspired many minds with her graceful voice and life changing message in her destined-course to spread the word of God through gospel music.

At the moment she is pregnant with her third album “ASEDA” soon to be released and is Super Holy Spirit-Filled.