These are the questions on this month’s book TIKRIT.

1. What advice did Tikrit’s grandfather give him concerning thieves?

2. ‘The moon was weeping for her lost children, and her tears are falling from heaven’.

i. who is speaking here and why?
ii. what figure of speech is used in the above?
3. What two things about Tikrit inspire you as a child?

4. What is wrong with Tikrit’s grandfather’s approach to get him to school?

5. Is Tikrit’s grandfather is an honest person? Explain your answer.

6. What two things does the main character know about Nairobi prior to the ‘run away’?

7. Tikrit felt the evidence the Europeans had would give them away.

i. what evidence was that?
ii. the underlined expression means…………
8. Why did Tikrit and his grandfather go to the duka?

9. Tikrit thought he had been attacked by Murumbi’s ghost. What really was Murumbi’s ghost ?

10. How many things did Tikrit take with him to Longata Hill? Name two of them.

11. What two things fascinated Tikrit and his grandfather in Nairobi?

12. How different would you have acted if you were Tikrit’s grandfather in the camera case?

13. What other title can you suggest to the text?
14. What attracted Tikrit to Longata Hill and what did he find there?

15. ‘Grandfather was good at making up stories’. What does the underlined expression mean?

16. Find a word or group of words which mean the same as each of the under listed words used in the passage:

i. grazed
ii. swishing
iii. strangle
iv. grunting