Q&a: Dominic Adiyiah Speaks On Arsenal Kiev’s Financial Crisis And Poor Form In The Ukrainian Top Flight

Posted On Friday, 5th April 2013

Q&A: Dominic Adiyiah speaks on Arsenal Kiev’s financial crisis and poor form in the Ukrainian Premier League.

Q&A: Dominic Adiyiah speaks on Arsenal Kiev’s financial crisis and poor form in the Ukrainian Premier League.

In an interview with Ukrainian media outlet Sport.ua, the former AC Milan player reveals he has not been paid for the past six months and also talks about his likely departure from the club if the current problems continue.

Dominic, how can you describe the situation, which has turned out at your club?

– It’s pretty sad and hurt. “Arsenal” is in trouble. Many players have left the team. To be replaced by new arrivals. In fact, this is a new team, you know? No teamwork, no understanding, there is no coordination. Another problem – there is no motivation. Footballers here have lost it, without compensation for their work.

Have you had a conversation with the new leadership of the club?

– I have not heard anything about it. Honestly, I did not really understand what’s happening within the team. Communication problem is a problem at Arsenal Kiev now.

Did you get paid?

– Salary? As far back as six months, since October I have not been paid by the club.

When did you last receive bonuses?

– We have not received a single Euro for wins this season. No, you know? Not for one win this season, again. It is pitiable.

How will you solve your problem?

– I sacrifice for the good of the team; I try to give all the best in good faith on the field. Of course, I’ll play the game for “Arsenal” to the end of the season, then I will decide vital issues.

Have you had a chance to get away from “Arsenal” this winter? One gets the impression that you were not fully aware that what happened in “Arsenal”?

– After several unsuccessful loan spells, I found myself in “Arsenal”. The nomadic way of life to me is not desirable. “Arsenal” was playing well, I was happy with everything, while the players do not have one after another to leave the team. Now, obviously, that I’m unhappy.

Is Eric Matuku still in the team?

– No idea. As far as I know, he went to the “Dnipro”. But “Dnipro” refused his services, and I think he’s back in the “Arsenal” with us but he does not train.

And George Florescu?

– I think he went to play in Romania (signed with a team “Astra” Giurgiu.)

How do you see your future with Arsenal Kiev?

– You know, Kiev and Ukraine seemed like a good place to live. True, I would be happy to stay here for a longer period. But the situation is such that I probably have to leave Kiev.

For all the money you live in Kiev?

– I have savings in Ghana. I will leave for them and leave but it is assumed that the club will pay all expenses for the accommodation. At first they were paying. But now I have to pay for my own apartment in Kiev.

Have you laid down your ambitions as a player?

– No. I have ambitions. I do not like to lose. But a lot of guys from “Arsenal” have lost motivation. Probably, the results were a consequence of the prevailing problems. In four games, “Arsenal” was able to take only one point.

Next Match “Gunners” will play against outsiders – Zaporozhye “Metallurg”. “Arsenal” should finally win?

– “Arsenal” is to keep the brand, no matter what. I do not know what will be the motivation for this match, but I hope we win. But anything can happen, because the club is in bad business.