Interview: Fifa Agent Badia Speaks On Talents In Ghana And Egypt

Posted On Friday, 5th April 2013

FIFA agent Ricardo Badia

FIFA agent Ricardo Badia

FIFA player agent Ricardo Badia speaks about the talents in Ghana and Egypt and applauds the qualities of  Kwadwo Asamoah, Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu and Richmond Boakye Yiadom. 

Italian companies are looking for players, especially in South America, but there are other situations where there are good players?
“Yes, in Ghana there are strong players and technically African players have improved a lot, in fact, they are the French companies tesserando “.

Why, then, most of the Italian clubs are not like those in France and always prefer the South Americans, precluding a catchment area is as important as that of Africa?
“The first reason is that the passport, often footballers Argentines and Brazilians have also an EU passport or Portuguese or Spanish or Italian, but with regard to the Africans are all immigrants, or so players are transferred at a young age, as first registration, or can be hired only by companies of Series A, Series B because and Lega Pro are not tesserabili.

Clubs in Serie A before taking up a place outside the EU we think of many times, so the first discriminant that exists between South America and Africa is this. physical level the African player is much more developed than South America and up to ninety-five Africans are superior. ”

So it’s mostly a matter of bureaucracy that African players go in France and not in Italy?
Yes, it is more of a bureaucratic issue.’s former French colonies give their players the opportunity to go to France and to take into short time the French passport and there are laws in France that do not, as in Italy, the foreigner to enter the country to work. ”

There is also a factor greater affinity between Italy and South America than in Africa?
“Fashion to take South American players now in our country there is a long time, only in the last period the Italian companies are discovering the African players, for example, Asamoah Juventus, Udinese Badu, Boakye of Sassuolo and many others.

In Italy there is a little ‘setting that football should be more like inspiration, technique and imagination then go to look for the Argentine and Brazilian players that have these characteristics. ”

Instead emerging markets such as China and the Middle East are not yet of sufficient quality to export their players in Italy?
“These realities are now importing much as they did with players like Anelka, Drogba, Elkeson, but the level of Middle Eastern or Asian players is not enough to take them to Europe, except for some rare exceptions.

There is a marked improvement from the qualitative point of view yesterday that Egypt won the African Cup Under 20, had concluded the group with maximum points in the semifinals and then beat Nigeria and Ghana in the final. ”

So some guy is interesting to follow?
Yes, Saleh Gomaa, the Enppi an attacking midfielder playmaker nineteen, and Ramy Rabia, the Al-Ahly he a central midfielder with defensive qualities a classic median, for example, like a club English Premier League and Championship.

Football Egyptian surprised me because it has improved a lot in the tactical and technical, and the two guys I mentioned, playing in clubs in Cairo, are two players of great value to keep sott ‘