Freedom Of Religion Concerns In Senegal Exposed!

In one of the most under-reported stories of 2012, two Missionaries of the Presbyterian Faith have been in custody in Senegal since November. We have noticed the American Media scream over the status of an Iranian Pastor with close ties to the US and his treatment.

Let us start with the Basics. There are two Brazilian Nationals (yes I said Brazilian) currently being held in the Theis Correctional and Detention Facility in Mbour. This is located roughly 70 km from the Capital of Dakar. Their names are Jose Dilson Alves da Silva who is 46 and Zenide Moreia Novais who is 53 years old.

According to information the Missionaries were detained on November 6th, 2012 after a complaint was filed by a father of one of the 17 children that Sr. Dilson took off the streets to a Shelter called the Projecto Obadias (Obadiah Project). At this location the Children receive food, medical assistance, access to futbol, clothes and other forms of assistance.

It has been reported to the Police that the Father Objected to the Role of Christianity in his son’s life and the subsequent refusal to follow some of the rules of Islam.

After the initial interviews with the Police they state that they were coerced into signing a confession that they were not allowed to read and have been denied access to legal representation.

They have also complained about the conditions inside the facility where they are being held as well. An attempt to file a Habeas Corpus Brief was denied due to a perceived flight risk. No one not the Police or the Prosecutors, nor the Missionaries or even the Brazilian Embassy has documented any malfeasance on the part of the Missionaries.

At this time Western Security Officials have been concerned in recent years about how some Madrasas sent students out into the streets in essence to seek arms but also to recruit new students to join the Madrasas where the chances of radicalization greatly increase. Recently Macky Sall the President of Senegal was in Washington being feted by President Obama for his leadership. This incident shows the otherwise on a leader where hope was feted on two years ago…..

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