Feature: Essien Never Fails In The Act Of Service For Daddy Mourinho

Posted On Friday, 5th April 2013

Ghanaian midfielder Michael Essien never fails in the act of service to his 'daddy' Mourinho as he has excelled in all positions he is required at Real Madrid.

Essien and his daddy Mourinho

The footballing world held its head it its hands in 2005 when Abramovich showed up in Lyon with €40 million in his pocket to sign Essien.

The Russian oligarch was only following Mourinho’s orders, as the Portuguese coach wanted Essien at Chelsea whatever the cost.

Essien was one of Mourinho’s most loyal soldiers at Chelsea. His performance was spectacular, both during and after Mourinho’s stint at the English club. Chelsea definitely got a good return on its investment.

The Ghana player was one of the most important building blocks of the all-powerful Chelsea that Mourinho put together, a manager who is not afraid of putting his hand into the fire on behalf of the Madrid number 15 whatever the circumstances.

For this reason, following the departure of Sahin, Granero and Lass last summer, and with the transfer window about to close, Mourinho didn’t think twice about making a bid for Essien.

It didn’t matter to him that the Guyanese player had been racked by injury and been dropped from the starting eleven at Chelsea.

Essien has never let him down. In the new chapter they are writing together at Real, their relationship has been equally noteworthy.

When Essien has had to come on and play a secondary he has done so professionally.

And when it is his turn to take centre stage, as was the case on Wednesday against Galatasaray, he came up with the goods.

Mourinho left Arbeloa on the bench and trusted in Essien to play at right-back against the Turkish side.

Essien passed the exam with flying colours and even provided the pass that led to Benzema scoring his goal.

Essien has played 27 games now, and it is yet another act of service for his daddy, as he likes to call Mourinho.