Barcelona: The club complains about the arbitration against PSG to UEFA!

Barcelona left Paris with a nice 2-2 draw Tuesday night in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. But the club estimates that the arbitrator has distorted the match and thus the result.

The club spokesman, Toni Freixa, said in a statement that the club complained to UEFA!

“The Catalan club mentioned in particular the decision of Mr. Stark to prohibit the coming back on the field of Javier Mascherano and Jordi Alba who received care while the PSG was preparing to extricate a corner. When two players of the same team are on the ground, the referee must stop the match, itwas not done, and he cannot force them to leave the playground. A sufficiently serious fact to discuss with UEFA.

We are fully aware of refereeing mistakes, and we do not consider that we were abused, but we want to draw attention to the fact that a referee does not know the rules. We do not judge the arbitration, but the fact of knowing the rule. We hope that this never happens again “

We remember that Jordi Roura, assistant coach of Barcelona, had estimated that on the first goal of PSG, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was offside.

For its part, Carlo Ancelotti felt that the penalty awarded to Barca in the second half and transformed by Xavi Hernandez would never have been whistled!

It will be an exciting second leg match!