2014: Why I want to govern Anambra State – Nwike


Dr. Patrick Nwabufo Nwike, is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Anambra State. Nwike has declared his aspiration to govern the state in 2014. In this interview, the medical doctor cum politician says he has what it takes to take the state to the next level. Excerpts:

WHY are you in the race? 
The best way to turn a negative into a positive is to do something about it! There are many things that the people of Anambra State deserve that we are being deprived of.  In order to place our demands and needs, we need to put Anambra State back to the map of progress through a proper welfare package that would propel every Anambrarian to an optimum quality level.

Mr Nwike

Mr Nwike

Anambra State always seems to lack something; an altruistic individual that actually cares rather than one that wishes to grab a little bit of power. Anambra State deserves someone that believes in ‘YOU’ and someone that is not scared to stand up and point out a wrong. So, the challenges facing Anambra State today require a new approach and drastic change process.

The new Anambra State that we dream of has a vision for a change: a change for a good cause and a change that will bring about visible and enduring prosperity for our people. The Government we shall put in place will stand up to these challenges with all honesty and deep sense of commitment. I guess, for the first time, I present myself before you as a candidate who strongly believes in ‘YOU’ and in myself and this belief in ‘YOU’ can only make me a very strong representative for you. Let us all join hands together to chart a new course to meet these challenges. Indeed, the time is now.

What is your vision for Anambra?
Our mission and vision for the state is to build a visible social, political and economic environment in which a middle class thrives. We also want to impact on the people, the true dividends of democratic governance through consultative and interactive forum for communal participation and thus leave a legacy that will remain the benchmark for assessing the performance of any future government.

In addition to that, our hallmark would be honesty and purposefulness and we shall work in the fear of God without fear or favour. Our administration shall be highly people oriented such that the people of Anambra will have a collective say on how they want to be led and governed.  We shall work to do things that the people of Anambra will like. Our stand point shall be people’s preferences and we shall work for it to happen.

What about your manifesto
I have just a  5-point agenda for the state. They are, superb healthcare delivery, sound education policy, agriculture/road development, social/youth development and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME). Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SME) play very important roles in triggering and sustaining the economic growth and development of many economies. SMEs have also proved to be the most viable economic groups with tremendous potentials. Anambra State shall support the development of SMEs and make them the vehicle of development in the State.

Development strategies
The thrust of our State development objective would be to reduce the indices of poverty in the State and alleviate the sufferings of the people. Therefore, our administration shall not embark on any project that it shall not complete or venture into any project that will not impact on the lives of the people directly and alleviate their poverty. Our administration shall not impose any project on any LGA.

Anambra State is the most cosmopolitan of the States of South Eastern States and boasts of having one of the most resourceful man power levels in the country. Yet, our State ranks as one with the lowest level of poverty indices in the South East. Indeed, given these endowments, Anambra State has absolutely no reason to be ranked as one with the lowest level of poverty indices. We can make the change and that will be possible if only we join hands together to make that change.

What are you chances at party primary?
My chance is very bright. Mark my words: there would be a big surprise at the primary. I am confident I will pick the party’s ticket and become the next governor of Anambra State. I can also assure you that PDP will win the coming governorship election in the state.

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