Tyrant student leader, CYX assaults journalist

Tyrant student leader and struggling musician, Cyril Umoren better known as CYX assaulted a journalist, Nelson Nseabasi last week Thursday. CYX who is currently a political appointee serving in Mkpat Enin Local Government Council slapped Mr. Nseabasi for purportedly failing to attend the inauguration of the University of Uyo chapter of National Association of Akwa Ibom State Students (NAAKISS) held in the town campus of the university.

The incident took place at an entertainment stakeholders meeting convened at the instance of music star, Mista Xto. Nelson had approached CYX to apologize for his inability to attend the NAAKISS show which had the attendance of entertainment heavyweights like Moses Armstrong, Mista Xto, and Icekid, only for an argument to ensue which led to Nelson being slapped by the perennial NAAKISS Worldwide president. CYX who is the crooner of ‘Akwa Ibom Girl’ went as far as ordering the journalist to kneel which he bluntly refused.

Narrating his ordeal to www.CONNOISSEURng.com, Nelson who is the advert executive of popular celebrity/lifestyle magazine, E-101 said he thinks CYX had him in mind over a long time. Hear him “CYX has a longstanding beef with me and the entire crew of my magazine (E-101). Back in early 2012, my magazine had done a round-up analysis of the events and people that shaped 2011 both negatively and positively in the entertainment industry. In the report, it was stated that a NAAKISS show put up by CYX was a flop because it couldn’t hold after all the hype and top-notch headliners. He was infuriated by the report but we only did our job.”

Nelson who is also an on-air-personality divulged further, saying “He has threatened us on four different occasions on the same subject. In the last one where he assaulted me, he mentioned the same thing but decided to use my absence at his NAAKISS event as a cover up. It is my prerogative to attend events; I was only trying to be courteous for not making to his event. If he felt the magazine’s report was untrue, all he needed to have done would have been for him to ask us to retract the story and publish a rejoinder or risk court action but he never did it. He instead decided to embark on threatening us which shows how uncivilized he is”.

Some of entertainment bigwigs in Akwa Ibom State who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity said CYX is known for that. One of the stakeholders said CYX has a low-self esteem which is why he employs violence and big-mouthedness at any place he goes to in order to hide his complex problem.