Senegal: No to doping in wrestling!

The Senegalese wrestler Zoss, leader of the stable “Doraat Door ” goes to war against the use of anabolic by wrestlers of his country. He invites the National Management Committee (NMC) of wrestling to multiply the anti doping controls to preserve the wrestling from the use of anabolic in order to protect the health of the wrestlers.

“ I do not know if it is a tablet or a doping product, but I’ve heard of it. The product is called 45 Days and is supposed to allow a wrestler to grow bigger(…) This is a fight that we must lead and increase especially through sensitization, “ said Zoss, who recently defeated Tidiane Faye of ‘Lansar. “

According to the website, sudden metamorphoses on some wrestlers and suspicious deaths have raised suspicions of doping in the arenas, where the use of anabolic is a reality according to doctors.