Running to ‘men of God’ for prayers is dangerous-Theologian

Dzodze V/R), April 1,  GNA – A visiting Lecturer of the Togo-based West African Advanced School of Theology (WAST) has cautioned Christians against the tendency of running to ‘men of God’ for prayers to solve their problems.

Reverend Dr Chris Dzoagbe said that practice is dangerous, as it had led many Christians to fall prey to charlatans, who swindled them and also trapped them in many ways that worsen their position before God.

He was addressing the Ketu Districts Assemblies of God Easter Convention at Dzodze at the weekend on the theme: ‘Be Fervent in Spirit.’

Rev Dzoagbe noted that although it is not a bad thing seeking a pastor’s prayer support, however the ‘over dependence on pastors give worrying indication that Christians cannot stand on their own in the spirit’.

‘Some of those pastors even unbelievably demand things such as beverages, milk, sugar and loaves of bread, in support of their fasting and prayers on behalf of their clients,’ Rev Dzoagbe said.

Rev Dzoagbe who is also the Pastor of the Kronum-Kumasi Assemblies of God Church said prayer is an interpersonal relationship between a Christian and his maker, during which, he can seek help for varied issues, more that the pastor could have asked for each of the people that flock to him.

‘Jesus personally prayed fervently to God and even queried some of his disciples for being weak in prayers shortly before his capture and crucifixion,’ he stated.

Rev Dzoagbe asked Christians to pray until ‘something happens’ and always seek association with Christians who love to pray other than those who ‘eat and dine’.

He said prayer represents armour and the tool of victory for the Christian.

Rev Dzoagbe asked Christians to remain righteous, loving, and forgiving, to keep themselves in God’s love, so as to have their prayers answered.