Our Leaders Are Messing Up With the Educational System – Hopeson Adoryeh

A leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) communication team, Hopeson Adoryeh has blamed past and present governments for the current trend of the educational system in the country, saying that the leaders have performed poorly in dealing with the several strikes embarked on by the teachers, leading to poor academic performance.

He added that the leaders of the country could have done something to prevent the teachers from going on strike.

Speaking on Okay FM, he said that teachers on strike have affected the academic performance of the students as it will have a psychological effect on them as they prepare to write their final examination.

He stressed that President Mahama since last year could have resolved the salary arrears when the case started with NAGRAT and GNAT.

He reiterated that this act of President Mahama dealing with the labor front directly at the Presidency will rather compel other bodies to join in the strike to catch the attention of the President to resolve their grievances.

He added that “what is very lucrative in the strike action is that, when you go on strike, you stand the chance to go to the Flagstaff House”.

He hinted that the situation with the strike in the country is political and it is up to the NDC government to resolve the issue with the educational system because the only system of education which is working is at the crossroad to collapsing; adding that the future leaders in the country are being toyed with.