Nigeria: Taribo West responds to accusations!

The former Nigerian international did not appreciate at all the accusations about his age on any fraud during his career. Contacted by the local magazine Complete Sports, Taribo West has not been kind to Zarko Zecevic , the former head of Partizan Belgrade. It went to the extent of telling him to be “crazy” .

“I think he is crazy. If I was 40 years old in 2002-2003, as he claims, what would be my age now? He has never been a serious man. I do not see anything important in everything he says. “

“After leaving the club, I played for seven years at the highest high. I do not know how it would have been possible if I was over the age of 40 as he says. “

Taribo also tells how he landed at Partizan Belgrade.

“I was not even supposed to play there… It is Lothar Mathaus (former German international and captain) who took me there from Kaiserslautern, Germany. I had a two-year contract with the German club and was well treated. It is the only club that has given me everything on a professional level but I could not stay because there was too much racism… it was so popular that you cannot stay in the locker room. I played there for two months and I left. It is from there that Matthaus asked me to join the Partizan Belgrade and took care of getting my release from Kaiserslautern …’

The defender FIFA World Cup in 1998 and 2002, said he is not ready to join issues with Zecevic.

“I’m just going to ignore that just because his allegation is standing logic on his head.”