Exams at GIMPA disrupted by blackouts

General News of Thursday, 4 April 2013

Source: Citi FM


A major blackout that hit the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) has thrown lectures and ongoing internal exams off track.

The blackout was triggered by the failure of the school’s power plant to generate power after power supply to the institution was interrupted.

The outage has forced ongoing mid-semester exams to come to an abrupt end in a school.

“We are going home. This situation is so embarrassing,” one student said before driving out of campus after Thursday’s power outage.

Another angry student said, “This power problem has been going on for weeks now with no solution in sight.

“The lecture halls are warm and dark. We cannot see anything let alone learn anything,” another angry students chipped in.

“We did not pay hard earned United States Dollars for this kind of service,” said another student.

“I cannot teach because of power outage,” one lecturer said before storming out of one of the lecture halls on campus.

Thursday night’s power outage, according to reports is the worse to have hit GIMPA in the last few weeks.

Over the last one month, GIMPA’s power plant has developed crippling mechanical problems, resulting in intermittent power outages on campus, especially at a time when ECG has been widely criticized for providing poor service.

School authorities, at the time of filing this report, were not available for comment.