Assistant Coaches In Ghana Are ‘gossips’ – Je Sarpong

Posted On Thursday, 4th April 2013

JE Sapong has criticized his colleagues

JE Sapong has criticized his colleagues

Veteran trainer JE Sarpong has launched a blistering attack on assistant coaches in Ghana describing them as ‘gossips’.

Sarpong who left Liberty Professional at the start of the season under controversial circumstances is not happy with what he describes as clandestine attitude of deputy coaches at the various clubs.

He accused them of undermining their superiors by hatching a systematic and deliberate plan to get them dismissed.

The no-nonsense trainer feels such behavior has accounted for the strained relationship that exist between many senior coaches and their deputies in the West African country.

“Most of the assistant coaches we have in Ghana are gossips. All they do is undermine the work of their superiors,” Sarpong told Peace FM

“I have worked as a coach for many years and I know what I’m talking about. Why do you think I coached Great Olympics six times?

“I have said it time and number that such pull-him-down behavior is what has brought us here.

“Most of them are interested in the job of their superiors and so will do anything to undermine their work.

“Instead of learning through the curve, most of them are interested in deploying strategies to oust one out.

“It’s shameful and disgusting. And the annoying part of it is that when they are given the mantle, they either struggle or are not able to succeed.”

It is whoever unclear if the attack is directed at his former assistant coach at Liberty Professionals George Lamptey who took over the job following his exit.