You Can Never Restrict Any Government Official From Fuel – Nana Akomea

The Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akomea has reacted to the Deputy Minister designate for Education, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s suggestion that government should vet all invitations to international conferences that requires the country to purchase flight tickets and the use of state vehicle with fuel coupons, so as to cut expenses from government coffers.

After heavy criticisms from the opposition NPP and the general public on Mahama’s long list of ministerial appointments, Samuel Okudzeto in his article advised that, the Mahama led administration must blackballed the use of cross country vehicles, for Ministers to only use fuel efficient saloon vehicles.

Speaking on Asempa FM, Nana Akomea mystified at the number of ministers and deputies to serve in the Mahama-led administration.

He said it is fascinating that a social democratic party like the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had abandoned its lean government promise in the wake of the socio-economic crisis in the country.

“The Ministers are too many, there’s no way they (the NDC) can explain this to Ghanaians. Ex-President Kufuor when leaving office had 82 ministers and that was criticized profoundly by the NDC. They promised a lean government in their manifesto but not abiding to that. Late President Mills had 86 ministers during his time, so after accusing President Kufuor for appointing large number of ministers, they (the NDC) have exceeded what Kufuor did,” he said.

Nana Akomea could not fathom why President Mahama wants to maintain a large government when in fact the ministers in the past four years have not produced any results.

“President Mahama has also appointed more than what President Mills did. They claim there is no scientific basis for a number of ministers to be appointed, so why were they lambasting President Kufuor? The constitution only requires for 19 cabinet ministers. But this government has appointed close to 90 ministers and deputies,” he opined.

He described as needless, Samuel Okudzeto’s suggestion to vet Ministers who traveled with government coffer and called for immediate realignment in the ministerial appointments to ensure their efficiency.

“You can never restrict a Minister from using petrol, it’s not possible. What is important is that, if government wants us to sacrifices to stable the economy; they should lead by an example and cut down the Minsters.

“How can he (President) name six Ministers at the presidency alone? He (the President) should realign his ministers. How do you tell teachers and doctors to tighten their belt if you have named close to 90 ministers. Ghanaians never benefitted from the previous ministers under Mills administration. We are facing erratic power supply, rationing of water and no gas for the past years. What we need is institutional reform not appointing of ministers,” he said.