Yamin Criticizes Ashanti NDC Supporters

The Ashanti Regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have condemned actions of some irate supporters of the party who destroyed party property while protesting the appointment of Kojo Bonsu (former Managing Director of GOIL) as Mayor of Kumasi.

The NDC supporters on Tuesday locked up the party’s offices and held Regional Executives hostage blaming them for the appointment of the former Managing Director of GOIL.

Mr. Kojo Bonsu was nominated the President as the Chief Executive for the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly last week.

Speaking to Citi News, the Ashanti Regional Secretary of the NDC, Joseph Yamin stated that the president does not need to consult the grassroots supporters in appointing somebody to higher position.

“Before anybody is appointed, some background check is needed to ascertain the person’s work in assuming that position” he said.

According to him, the qualities needed in appointing people cannot be made known to the public since this would affect the way people behave in a bid to get positions.

“The president would be in a fix if this should continue” he said.