Underpass on N1 Highway is a developing slum

Less that two years after the construction of the George Walker Bush highway, popularly called N1 Highway,the underpass at the Mallam-Odorkor end of the interchange is a developing slum.

A visible sight at the underpass, is heaps of rubbish and illegal uncompleted structures even from a distance.

Sadly, that is how various slums that have become an albatross around the necks of various District and Metropolitan Assemblies in the country notably, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly(AMA), started.

Ernestina Muulika, who toured the area reports of sprawling non-permanent, illegal structures, indiscriminate refuse dumping, huge concrete gullies filled with plastic waste as well as open defecation close to the high way.

In her interaction with some residents who were oblivious to health concerns, they justified their use of the under pass for open defecation.

One resident noted “we know it’s close to the high way but I don’t have a choice everybody eases themselves here. We used to have a public toilet but after the market got burnt, we have no choice”.

Another resident has set up a mini-scrap market with expansion potential because others are likely to join soon.

Public Relations Officer of the AMA Numo Blafo who acknowledges the Assembly knew of activities of some scrap dealers and other traders there, however denies knowledge of the recent development.

Until stringent and proactive measures are adopted and implemented by the AMA, the beautiful site at the underpass is only another slum in waiting, and likely to drain the nation’s coffers if the slum eventually has to be cleared.