The National Service Board Must Reconsider Its Decision!

Feature Article of Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Columnist: Williams, Agyei Kwame

The National Service Scheme was established by a Military Decree (N.R.C.D 208) with the mandate to mobilize and deploy Ghanaian citizens of 18 years and above especially newly qualified university graduates on national priority development programmes that contribute to improving the quality of life of the ordinary Ghanaian for a one year mandatory national service. The scheme was later given statutory legitimacy under the 1979 constitution of Ghana with the thrust of N.R.C.D 208 being upheld. The National Service *Act of 1980, ACT 426* was then promulgated and passed by the Parliament of Ghana to give legal and constitutional backing to the scheme.

Whilst we are aware of the legal framework and direction for program design and implementation, we believe *section 3 of Act 426((a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h))* has not being fully exploited. It therefore came as a surprise when the National Service Executive Director, Mr. Vincent Senam Kuagbenu announced at this years’ 2013-2014 pre-service orientation forum of the services’ decision to use national service personnel as traffic wardens to support the Motor Traffic And Transport Unit Of The Ghana Police Service.

We are however worried by this decision by the National Service Board! Looking at the current state of Ghana’s economy we believe the Ghanaian graduate student deserves better than to stand in the precarious conditions on our roads to direct traffic. It has become obvious that the scheme no longer thinks about the safety of service personnel left alone giving priority to ones area of specialization in order for the nation to benefit from ones knowledge acquire in school.

We are therefore calling on the National Service Board, Council of State, and the Ministry of Education which has an oversight responsibility in the scheme to have a relook at this decision; considering the personnel’ safety, career development, comfort, and the developmental needs of the country at large.

Graduates are being under utilized! CODGHA is therefore calling on all Civil Society Groups, Graduate Students Association of Ghana, NUGS, USAG, PUSAG, GNUPS, GUPS, and the Media to support this course for a brighter future for ourselves, siblings and posterity.

God bless Mother Ghana!!!


Agyei Kwame Williams *(Executive Director)