Tech Bites: Samsung Galaxy S IV Dual Camera

samsung s 4 Tech Bites: Samsung Galaxy S IV Dual CameraCapturing the special moments in our day-to-day activities in pictures is a vital part life and communication and to get the best out of the experience; Samsung is introducing for the first time on the market the Dual Camera feature of the new GALAXY S IV which shoots and records crystal clear images with its ravishing 13 megapixel lens from both the front and rare camera simultaneously.

This feature will enable friends and families to capture every moment together without leaving out anyone. No need for setting neither a timer nor a tripod. With both the front and back cameras capturing simultaneously the all-new GALAXY S IV dual camera brings everyone together in the most spectacular of ways to give you the fullest satisfaction from all the precious times together.

Being the perfect lovers’ companion the Dual Camera feature of GALAXY S IV eliminates the awkward moments of trying to get right angle for that perfect couple portrait make it relatively easier for your partner to take a perfect picture with both of you in it as preferred.

The Dual Camera function of the Samsung GALAXY S IV is also tipped to revolutionize the way you do business and communicate with your colleagues and most importantly clients, as it will make reporting and updates on projects as well as sending product information easier, faster, realistic and much more engaging with Dual Video call or Dual Video, no matter how far they may be.

Business owners can now take easy tours of shops and services instantly without any hassle. The uniqueness of the Samsung GALAXY S IV Dual Camera feature ensures no matter how urgent or quick you need to disseminate your products or services information you are able to do so within the shortest possible time for all your cherish clients irrespective of their location.

Students and lecturers alike aren’t left out as the ability for the GALAXY SIV Dual Camera enables you to show what’s happening in front of you while face-to-face video call is still on ensures the lecturer as well as the students reactions and response are captured simultaneously making you feel exclusively part of the class even when you are not there in person.

The Dual Camera also makes monitoring and writing of tests flexible and comfortable as both can be done simultaneously from different locations.

Regardless what you do or where you are, the Dual Camera feature of the Samsung GALAXY SIV is the ultimate tool for sharing all those wonderful moments and making each of them count. As human centered product Samsung GALAXY S IV is designed to let you live to the fullest as your True Life Companion

Samsung will soon launch the much-anticipated GALAXY SIV in Ghana, and the launch will finally introduce onto the Ghanaian market, the product which is currently adjudged the world’s most populous smartphone.