Scrap dealers kick against regulatory law

Business News of Wednesday, 3 April 2013



Scrap metal dealers at Agbogbloshie in Accra have kicked against attempts to regulate their operations.

Environmentalists have advocated a regulation of their operations as they continue to pollute the water bodies around the area and the entire environment.

Head of health services at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Dr. Simpson Anim wants new laws promulgated to discourage the activities of scrap dealers.

Dr. Anim told XYZ News, the activities of the scrap dealers, pose great danger to the environment. But the scrap dealers are against any attempts to get them out of business.

One of the scrap dealers told XYZ News many of them take care of their families through their business and are not prepared to abandon it.

Meanwhile the scrap dealers are receiving support from the steel workers union.

The Steel Workers Union commended Parliament for slapping a ban on the exportation of scrap metals.

But environmental experts say their activities encourage destruction of the environment since the extractions of the metals are not done properly.

Michael Tetteh Mortu who is the spokesperson for the Steel workers Union told XYZ News many youth will become unemployed if the industry is regulated.