Rejoinder: Rawlings Boy Quits Politics!

Ras Mubarak

Ras Mubarak

I express my anguish over the reporting of misleading and baseless information published in the Herald newspaper on Wednesday 3rdApril, 2013 under the headline ‘Rawlings’ Boy Quits Politics.’

The newspaper claims that I have made a “sudden decision to quit politics for other engagements.” There is absolutely no truth in the paper’s suggestion that I quit politics because of appointment. If there’s ever been a better time for young people to enter public service, it is now.

I have never sought for a position in government, lobbied for or asked senior party people to lobby for me to be appointed to anything.

It is therefore ridiculous for a newspaper to subtly speculate that I was in contention for a Deputy Ministerial position and might be quitting because I feel hard done by.

I am not a quitter. I remain in politics as proof that there are still young people who enter politics not to get what they could but to give all that they could; who seek a common good beyond their comfort, to serve their country. Indeed, I entered politics not to be something but to do something.

I therefore wish to assure the NDC family in Ablekuma North Constituency, and those across the country and the general public, that I am absolutely committed to the NDC and remain a John Mahama loyalist.

I finally wish to state that the Herald story is a piece of mischief that must not be given credence.

Ras Mubarak,
Accra, Ghana