Protect Hansol Mining – NGO

Edward Akwasi Akouku

Edward Akwasi Akouku

A statement issued in Accra by the foundation on Monday, signed by Edward Kwasi Akuoko, Executive Director of CRIF, noted that some state institutions like National Security and Ghana Immigration Service were threatening the operations and survival of the only Ghanaian mining establishment, hence the call on Government to intervene.

According to the NGO, a recent study conducted on the operations of mining companies in Ghana showed a huge bias on the part of state institutions especially security organisations, against Hansol Mining compared to other wholly or partially-foreign owned mines.

It described the constant harassment of legally working Chinese nationals who constituted the main service support provision in the area of affordable/cheap equipment, technology and maintenance of the company’s machinery as unfortunate.

‘If nationals of other countries such as US, Australia, India, Canada, South Africa, etc are providing similar or same service supports to other mine companies under Ghanaian mining laws, why should a similar service rendered by the Chinese be criminalized under same laws.’

CRIF further said its findings revealed that Hansol Mine was one of the major suppliers of finished gold to Precious Minerals & Marketing Co-operation (PMMC) worth millions of dollars in 2012 and therefore its collapse could have negative repercussions for the state mineral processor.

Additionally, Mr. Akuoko noted that Hansol Mining paid in excess of a million dollars in direct taxes to Government in year 2012 alone while creating job opportunities for thousands of Ghanaians.

Aside its gold mining unit, Hansol is capable of enhancing the country’s image as an emerging truck manufacturer as it recently began assembling locally the ‘Wontumi‘ Griffon series of trucks specifically made for Ghanaian and African farmers and also for the construction industry.

Mr. Akuoko said the study also uncovered efforts by Hansol to launch onto the Ghanaian market a vegetable and protein milk processing machine meant for use in homes to enhance the protein intake of Ghanaians at affordable rates.

He was of the view that such an establishment deserved some level of state protection to flourish.

He however advised management of the company, to as a matter of urgency, establish an in-house public affairs or public relations department, if there was none, to effectively serve as its mouthpiece and advocate so as to enhance its reputation as a good cooperate citizen.

CRIF commended Government’s swift response to a petition sent to the Presidency by the Ghana-China Business Chamber of Commerce (GCBCC) of which HANSOL is a member.

It called on the President to deal swiftly with concerns raised so as to engender business confidence.