No Siren For The Dead – ACP Awuni

The National Motto Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) Commander, ACP Angwubutoge Awuni says the ban on the use of sirens by unauthorized members of the public also covers the tooting of horns by drivers of motorbikes and cars to usher dead bodies into towns.

According to him, the practice of tooting horns to draw public attention is fast becoming popular in many communities and cities in Ghana.

“The dead does not need a siren or a large number of horns to usher it into town or out of town. It’s of no use to the dead body, rather it constitutes public nuisance and it has to stop,” ACP Awuni warned.

By law, only four institutions in Ghana-the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Police, Hospital Ambulance and the President’s convoy, are allowed to use sirens on the streets of the country.

The sirens are employed to pave way for personnel of the institutions to either save life and property or to get to a destination on time for administrative and security purposes.

ACP Angwubutoge Awuni, in an interview with Daily Guide at Zuarungu, cautioned members of the public, public holders and their drivers to desist from the practice.

According ACP Awuni, the Police MTTU will use all legal measures to enforce the ban to ensure sanity in the country.

He called on members of the public to join the crusade against the use of sirens by unauthorized persons.

“This should not be a fight for the Police alone, the public also has to take interest in discouraging people from using the sirens for pleasure or deceive other road users to give way. If this continues, one day when there is an emergency at hand and people need to give way to a siren or horn, they will not because they will think it is just for pleasure as usual,” ACP Awuni said.