Negative Politics As An Obstacle To The Development Of Ghana

Feature Article of Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Columnist: Osei-Poku, Emmanuel

The policization of all affairs of the state is a major problem slowing down the progress of the country through delay in decision making processes. All management of state affairs suffer the negative politics rendered by the two dominating political parties in the country, always operating on the use of rebuttals full of propaganda.

For instance, in the analysis of a state problem to reach a decision to tackle a problem, Ghanaians always witness the likely situation of NPP stating 90% and NDC 80%, both parties making it a duo game in a battle to save their heads ahead of the main task of solving the problems faced by the country as a whole and I ask myself where the problem is solved.

This is a situation in the country where all activities relating to moving out of our problems we face as a developing country are politicized in the likes of energy crisis, strike actions, health issues, education and many more. The New Patriotic Party has been a major obstacle to the smooth governance of Ghana for two decades now as an oppositional political party and even when they are in the driving seat.

Currently the NPP has showed Ghanaians no respect and tend to hoist their political flag ahead of the national flag in all public affairs which appears to be a significant obstacle to be gotten rid of. The NPP’s absence in the National inaugural ceremony and the presentation of state of nation address by the president is a clear indication of a political party which put their interests first ahead of the country’s interest, this is a clear insult in the face of Ghanaians. Political parties will always find it very difficult to put the Ghana first by being patriotic and nationalistic only when their interests as a political association are dangerous to the development of the country.

Politicization of state issues is in equivalence of fighting against the development of the state and must be stopped by the Commander-in-Chief overruling all decision making processes of stagnant nature and standing up to take decisions that will drive our country forward. This clearly spells out and defines the name and position of A PRESIDENT OF A COUNTRY.




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