NDC Communicator: SADA Should Withdraw Guinea Fowl Project TV Ad

A member of the NDC communication team, Gabriel Assuming has offered advice to the management of the SADA Azontaba Guinea Fowl Production in a displeased manner to withdraw all the adverts on the project at various TV stations because the advert does not depict the Ghc15 million cedis investment.

According to him, the guinea fowl advert is embarrassing to see on TV.

Speaking on Okay FM on Tuesday, Gabriel Assuming stressed that guinea fowl on a free range can lay about 50 eggs for hatching; a figure quite higher than the number of eggs which were shown in the TV advert.

To him, the explanation given about the SADA Azontaba guinea fowl investment is not clear; adding that the leaders must clarify how the money was utilized since the number of eggs which were showed do not portray a true reflection of the money invested.

He pointed out that with the poverty level in the three northern regions, the leaders should have used the money judiciously for the benefit of all, inquiring that; “does this advert represent Ghc15 million”.

He urged the leaders of the SADA Azontaba project to come out to defend their work, adding that “it is embarrassing to show these number of guinea fowls and eggs on air which seem to justify the Ghc15 million cedis used to invest in the project”.

He further stated that the incubators which are used for the project are local and small for such a huge investment; adding that the price for the incubators does not match with the Ghc15 million cedis.

“…management should immediately take the advert off our tv screens because it is embarrassing to watch,” he added.