Mighty Jets Furious With Referee After Division One League Draw

Posted On Wednesday, 3rd April 2013

Referees in Ghana have come in for scrutiny after some dubious officiating in the Division League match between Banbort FC and Tudu Mighty Jets on Wednesday.

Tudu Mighty Jets have pointed accusing fingers at referee Ebenezer Gyamfi after their 1-1 draw with Danbort FC on Wednesday.

The Ho-based referee has been fingered for suspicious officiating  at the Nungua Town Park in their Division One League match.

Gyamfi played 11 minutes of time added on that aided the home side to draw the game which has sparked fury among Tudu Mighty Jets officials.

That is because the fourth officials had signalled for five minutes of time added on.

The referee also showed Mighty Jets striker Akwasi Benefu the red card after he was brutally tackled from behind by a Danbort defender claiming he dived.

Six other Mighty Jets players were shown the yellow card which has sparked concerns about the state of refereeing in the lower leagues after the Ghana FA zeroed in on bad officiating in the top-flight with the match review panel.

Several clubs in Ghana’s second tier have also complained of bad officiating and are now calling on the match review panel to also observe matches in the Division One where some referee have been accused of blatant corruption.