Kenya’s election dispute case is different from Ghana’s- NDC legal team

The NDC legal team in the 2012 election dispute has described as unfortunate, attempts to draw a comparison between the recent Supreme Court outcome on the election dispute in Kenya, to the Ghanaian situation.

Judges in the East African country spent less than two months to give a ruling on a similar presidential election dispute case.

The situation has generated strong criticisms from a section of the public who say judges at Ghana’s Supreme Court have wasted too much time on the case challenging John Mahama’s legitimacy as president.

In a sharp rebuttal however, a leading member of the legal team, Nana Ato Dadzie says the two situations are entirely different.

“I think that it’s an unfortunate comparison because they are two different jurisdictions and constitutions. Kenya is coming from a very difficult situation…It is not and will not be the same as our democratic judicial system, slowly but surely proper justice will be done”, he emphasised.