It Was Fake: Chris Brown speaks out about smoking weed in Ghana

Chris Brown Smokes Weed In Ghana 550x735 It Was Fake: Chris Brown speaks out about smoking weed in GhanaR&B bad boy, Chris Brow has finally spoken out on his much talked about performance he Ghana were it was alleged that he smoked marijuana on stage. Answering a question about the police wanting to arrest him for smoking weed overseas, on ‘The Breakfast Club’ show on Power 105.1 radio, the singer said it was a fake ‘weed’.   He said:

“There’s a thing I did on my whole tour called smoke by the there’s a part of the show that goes to a collage of all the songs that talk about weed..and everybody knows I have a medical cause for marijuana  but for me I don’t smoke it on stage…its a fake light like the way they have the pre-rolled tobacco.. so at every show I fake that I gave the secret away..but in certain cities like Amsterdam and LA i definitely did..but as far as in places where I can get into trouble I  avoid it. It was the press over there that made a big fuss about the whole thing, everything else was cool.It was just the press, so it made it seem like it was a situation but it wasn’t. ”