Good Friday Mirror Ball, A Suave Affair

DJ Blow and Edwin Barfour organisers of the event

DJ Blow and Edwin Barfour organisers of the event

The Damba Lounge of the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel again played host to Ghana’s most beautiful people, as another night of superior fun was marked on the calendar.

The occasion was the Easter Friday edition of the Mirror Ball, themed, ‘Retro’, and it was the old school theme to experience with the colour and texture of the 1970s and 1980s.

The first 100 guests were given a classic mathematical set complete with compass and protractor.

For those who were mathematically challenged in school, the compass rather than Pythagoras reminded them of the days they carved their names onto their wooden desks.

This was the era when the management of your chop box’s inventory required a high level of protocol and diplomacy since you could not call or text home for more provisions.

In line with the event’s premium hospitality, refreshing cocktail mixes like mint flavoured ‘Mojito’s’ and tropical ‘Bahama mama’s’ were served courtesy of Kalahari Bitters as guests admired the colourful printed panels on the entrance, displaying what can now be safely termed as artifacts.

Those not shy to admit it realised that the ‘Rubik’s cubes’,  ‘Raleigh Chopper’ bicycles or the revered ‘Walkman’ are now over 30 years old and a real reminder for guests on how far they have come on this fantastic voyage called life.

Ghana’s finest DJ, William Nanka Bruce aka ‘Blow’ lived up to his promise as he ignited the festive weekend with tracks that had guests on the dance floor soaring higher than a paraglider above Nkawkaw.  The next event will be held on April 29, and will be themed, ‘FREESTYLE FRIDAY’, allowing guests to flex their own original style.

The Mirror Ball will enter unchartered waters next event as DJ Blow introduces a session of classic slow jams that will make you fall in love again the same way you did back in the day.

The Mirror Ball is brought to you by La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and Tag Team.  It is sponsored by Kalahari Bitters and supported by Inkit and Y 107.9fm.