…. But Faces Tough Task Ahead

THE NOMINATION by the President  last Thursday of Mr. Kojo Bonsu as the Metropolitan Chief Executive for the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly has been received  with stiff opposition by a section of the assembly members who have resolved to subject  him to strict scrutiny and vetting in accordance with the Local Government Act 462.

Mr. Akwasi Opong-Fosu, the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, in a statement said the nomination of Mr. Kojo Bonsu, a former Managing Director of Ghana Oil Company (GOIL), is in fulfillment of section 243 (1) of the 1992 constitution and section 20 (1) of the Local Government Act 1993, ACT 462.

Two thirds of the 136-member House would have to confirm the appointment of the nominee in the next 21 days.

But a section of the assembly members, most of whom are disappointed and peeved about the President’s nomination say they would have to invoke the provisions of the Model Standing Orders (MSO) in line with the Local Government Act to vet the nominee in justifying his appointment.

The aggrieved members would invoke Part 16 sections 2, 3 and 4 regarding the procedure for the approval of nominees for the post of MMDCEs.

Section 2 of the said provision of the MSO states that the Assembly may establish an Ad hoc Committee to vet the nominee and (3) submit a report to the Presiding Member for consideration by the General assembly.

Section 4 states that notwithstanding the provisions in sections 2 and 3, the Assembly may, if it so decides, resolve itself into a Committee in accordance with paragraph 43 for further examination of the nominee in person by majority of the assembly.

The assembly members explained their resolution to adopt these provisions because they think the President’s nominee is not the right person for the position since he had not justified previous engagement at the National Sports Council and his unexplained removal as acting Managing Director of Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) which lasted for only six months. Kojo Bonsu is publisher and CEO of Agoo magazines.

The complainants say KMA must be handled by somebody who knows and understands the Local Government system and the enabling laws and, therefore, saw Kojo Bonsu, a known sports administrator and business man who is unknown in political circles as a development oriented person.

They indicated that they are not satisfied with the implementation of policies and programmes approved by the Assembly by the previous administration and that they would not allow the already messy situation to be worsened.

The assembly members also described the move by the President as a complete sell out of the KMA to the highest bidder, and threatened to resist such an imposition by all means.

Meanwhile, 47 signatories constituting a third of the 136-member KMA have requested a meeting of the House in pursuant of Part  2 section 4b of the Model Standing Orders of the KMA and in accordance  with section 18 (6) of the Local Government  Act 462 of 1993.

The Presiding Member has duly been served with the notice since March 28, 2013 to convene a meeting of the Assembly within seven days.

The proposed meeting is to enable the Assembly deliberate and provoke answers regarding the auction sales conducted between the KMA and 24-HOUR Towing Service.

The members would also want to enquire about the facilities, equipment and vehicles bequeathed to e Assembly by the contractor which executed the Anloga-Asokwa highway.

The said meeting would also address waste management contracts which have expired since December 2012 as well as review contracts of Revenue Collectors.

The proposed meeting would also look at the allocation of Precast Land for the development of a shopping Mall as well as development of structures at the Adehyeman Gardens, Railways premises near Dunkirk and the Subin stream.

Also on the agenda is the development of a proposed lorry terminal opposite the KMA main building and so-called management decision to re-assign the Development Control Officer in the absence of the substantive Metro Chief Executive.

The honourable assembly members would also consider the spate of armed robbery cases of late in the metropolis and beyond.

The signatories also confided in The Chronicle that the meeting would deliberate on the election of a new Presiding Member since the two-year term of office of the incumbent has elapsed.