Translate Business Experience Into Tangible Results – GIPC Boss

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Mrs Mawuena Dumor Trebah, has stressed the need to reassure investors they will definitely get the returns needed once they invest in the country.

To achieve this, she said it is time Ghanaian businesses translate the experience they have gathered into tangible results for increment in investment opportunities in the country.

Mawuena Trebah, who is currently seeking strategic investment opportunities as she embarks on her first international investment promotion tour of the United States, United Kingdom and France to promote the new-Ghana agenda to potential investors said this ‘has even been made easy especially with the country’s single digit inflation’.

“My goal is to re-introduce the new Ghana; talking about the Ghana Investment and Promotion Centre, and the new reform that is taking place that will result in new benefits and incentives because Ghana is viewed and respected in the sub region and continentally. The Investment Promotion Centre is mandated by law to promote facility and encourage international investment as well as domestic investment” she told Daniel Bases of Reuters News Agency.

Mrs. Mawuena Trebah added that it is very important to demonstrate that the country is business oriented as it is seen globally for any investor to feel comfortable investing in. Consequently, she said, the GIPC is particularly keen to demonstrate that the country’s legislation is above board and will apply to all potential players to the mutual benefit of the partners involved.

“With inflation having been brought significantly under control…it is now time to take a look at benefits and incentives and ensure that all of those things become a caveat for an investor to come into the country and at the same time ensure that Ghanaians are enjoying the benefits of investment in the long term

…if you look at the micro economic terms; we don’t look bad at all; we just have to ensure that we have the experience and what it takes to ensure that the experience will translate into the tangible results we are looking for,” she indicated.