Residents unwilling to offer information after Abudu-Andani clashes

The police in Yendi say they are facing difficulties in arriving at the circumstances that led to Monday’s clashes between rival Abudu and Andani gates, which resulted in four persons sustaining injuries.

Yendi Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Cephas Bediako says residents there are reluctant to provide information on those responsible for yesterday’s clashes.

He told Joy News people within the town know each other yet “as at now they have not been able to pinpoint anybody from the Andani side to show that this person or that person has done this…”

Several properties including cars, stores and houses were set ablaze in the clashes and has left four people injured.

Yusif Alhassan, one of four persons who suffered gunshot wounds, told Joy News he had to run for his life in the heat of the clashes.

Meanwhile, a police military taskforce has been deployed in the community and is on the lookout for people wielding arms.

Police and the military have also set up barriers at all the entry points to Yendi to check for the movement of arms.

These measures came after an emergency Regional Security Council (REGSEC) meeting was called, to address the security situation in Yendi.