La Nativity Marks Easter

It was all joy and merry-making at the 2013 Easter Monday Ajaben celebration, as the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, La Nativity Congregation, took to the streets of La, after a feast at the church’s forecourt.

Congregants went through some major streets of La amidst brass band music, singing and dancing to mark the end of the Easter activities, with some residents lining up the streets to catch a glimpse of the celebrants.

Before the procession, various groups in the church, namely the Young People’s Guild (YPG), Young Adult Fellowship (YAF), Children Service, Men and Women Fellowship, Singing Band, Praise Dynamics, Church Choir and the Ushers, took part in various games such as scrabble, ‘Oware’, playing cards and Ludo among others.

The Children Service Department had bouncy castles and free pop-corn at their disposal.

By Christopher Kotei