Ghana FX Adjudged Africa’s Best Online Broker

Joe Anka (with award in hand) flanked by his able lieutenants

Joe Anka (with award in hand) flanked by his able lieutenants

Ghana FX has been adjudged the Best Online Broker in Africa for 2013 by one of the world’s most prestigious financial magazines, World Finance.

Joe Anka, Managing Director of Ghana FX, commenting on the award stated: ‘We are grateful for both the credit that the award committee of World Finance has given our company, as well as the support and loyalty from our valuable clients and partners. The Ghana FX team is very happy to be recognised for its efforts in continually improving on all aspects of the service we provide to our customers.’

He noted that the African continent has rich natural resources, but not everyone has been able to bene�t from such asserts.

‘Ghana FX is committed to providing quality service to our customers.

Foreign exchange is a product that appeals to anyone who is not afraid to take the opportunity regardless of their background.

‘The company started out in Ghana and we are still primarily based here. The majority of our customers today trade foreign exchange throughout Africa, with our equity and commodity trading business growing steadily.’

Mr. Anka stated that trading online in Africa has taken a little time to really take off, but many clients are now seeing the opportunity to create a larger secondary income through trading the foreign exchange and commodities markets.

Additionally, he explained: ‘We offer an alternative to the numerous foreign brokers vying for the business from the African trader. We are set up by Africans based in Africa and focused on fully serving the African customer. We deliver quality service comparable to, or in some cases, even better than our foreign counterparts. Trading online in Africa is not a hobby.

The company generally sets up accounts with banks, which have a large branch network which enables customers to walk in and deposit their local currency.

‘We take care of converting those funds into their trading base currency, and we ensure we do that fairly. The convenience of this process is beneï¬�cial for both customers and the company. We still offer the standard funding via credit and debit cards. The inconvenience and expense of transferring monies to other jurisdictions makes Ghana FX a good choice.’

Noting that less Africans are accessing the internet by conventional computers and opting for mobile devices, the Ghana FX MD said ‘with an exponential growth of data consumption via smartphones in all parts of Africa our ability to deliver the Ghana FX Metatrader 4 platform right onto the mobile device is very beneï¬�cial. More and more customers are now trading on the go. Ghana FX’s Android, IOS and Windows CE application provide complete convenience.

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