Check Let My Vote Count or else… – Bombande warns

General News of Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Source: citifmonline

Emmanuel Bombande Address

The Executive Director of the West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP), Emmanuel Bombande is warning that the activities of pressure group Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) could cause mayhem in the country if not checked.

He said even though the members of the group have the right to join any organization of their choice, some of their utterances do not augur well for the peace of the nation.

Mr. Bombande told Citi News it is important the right environment is created now so Ghana will be peaceful even after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“I have pointed without any hesitation to some of the platforms that were mounted by the pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance; not because they don’t have a right to organize themselves politically, but the type of political insults that is now the basis of mobilization of people is what creates the type of environment that can lead to violence.”

He insisted that if every Ghanaian believes that “the democratic process includes the respect for the rule of law and for that matter if the petitioners have gone to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court is expected to perform its duty.”

Mr. Bombande advised the general public to refrain from creating an environment of hostility.

“The respect for the rule of law compels and obliges everybody to respect the verdict of the Supreme Court but when people generate an atmosphere of hostility and turn around and say that things are not right in country; that duality smacks of hypocrisy.”