85 students withdrawn from boarding for various acts of vandalism

General News of Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Source: Daily Graphic

A total of 85 final year students of the Keta Business College (KETABUSCO) and Abor Senior High School have been withdrawn from the boarding house with immediate effect.

They were found in engaging in various acts of vandalism that threatened the safety of their colleagues on campus on seperate occasions.

At KETABUSCO, 47 students comprising 17 boys and 30 girls were alleged to have held Form one and two students to ransom resulting in the collapse of a female asthmatic patient.

The headmaster of the school, Mr Emmanuel Damalie told the Daily Graphic that there was complete anarchy on campus last Sunday, March 24 when Form Three and Four students decided to chase the Form one and two students around the campus.

He said the unfortunate incident started in the morning until lunch time when some of the students were chased out of the school gate to expose them to the dangers of passing vehicles.

Mr Damalie said one of the final year students was seen assaulting a Form one student with a cane and a belt until the victim started crying.

He said a female asthmatic patient was chased and in desperation ran towards the boys’ dormitory but the boys chased her back.

He said female student collapsed after two girls at the dormitory prevented her from entering her room.

According to Mr Damalie, another girl who had been recently operated upon for breast cancer was severely beaten while in another incident, the contents of a dustbin at the girls’ dormitory were poured on the incoming girls’ prefect.

Mr Damalie said it was inhuman and unreasonable for students to put up such barbaric behaviour against their mates.

At the Abor Senior High School, the headmaster, Mr Martin Fiamordzi said 52 students were involved in indiscipline behaviour in connection with the funeral of a student who had died from a motor bike accident on December 24 last year.

He said 14 of the students had already served an internal suspension.

He, however, 38 others four girls and 34 boys were indefinitely suspended and would come from their homes to write their final examination.

According to the headmaster, the students were found to have indulged in drunkenness, booing and jeering, shouting, assault, threat and fierce riding of motor bikes during the funeral in a video footage.

He said the students also hijacked the corpse in a coffin and arranged a special funeral session in a classroom.