2015: Jonathan’s silence overheating polity -CNPP


MAKURDI  –  The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, has said that President Goodluck Jonathan lacked the moral justification to caution Nigerians against fighting over political leadership because as President of the country he had failed to  lead by example.

Benue state chairman of the CNPP Mr. Baba Agan who said this Tuesday in Makurdi while reacting to the President’s comment in Enugu at the weekend maintained that the President must stick to the pledge he made to Nigerians in 2011 “that he will run for a single term an quit the stage in 2015.

“Because from all indications the President’s body language in the last few months were in total contradiction with the promises he made to the people when he was seeking election in 2011.

“At that time, he made it vividly clear to all  Nigerians at rallies that if elected he would rule for one term after which he would step down, but today the story is different, so many persons are now leading subterranean campaigns for his reelection.

“He has failed to come out to tell Nigerian that he would stick to his pledge to rule for one term and vacate the scene, instead he has chosen to overheat the polity by his silence.

“Our leaders should learn to be men of honour, men whose words can be taken to the banks, we cannot continue to feigned  ignorance of our yesterday because of our tomorrow’s inordinate ambition.

“Our leaders must realize that this country is gradually losing its glamour and respect in the committee of nation’s because our leaders easily throw the issues of honour, dignity and respect for promises to the dogs and we are all suffering for their action”, Agan lamented.

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