Sale Engineers at Discoverytel Ghana Ltd

Location: Greater Accra Region

DiscoveryTel Ghana is a leading nationwide provider of 4G wireless broadband dedicated internet and network solutions to a substantial and diversified client- base that includes corporations, financial institutions (Branches & ATM’s), government institutions, micro-credit agencies, insurance firms, and schools, NGOs, small offices, energy sector and the medical community. As part of our Business Sales teams, you’ll work with small to large enterprises and government agencies to sell our full-scale business solutions.

Job Title: Sale Engineers

Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra Region
You’ll be part of the team that walks our customers through DiscoveryTel Ghana cutting-edge products, shows them the benefit of our advanced services, and ultimately closes the deal. We aren’t just the broadband company anymore and you aren’t just any sales person. This could be your chance to join a company that’s known for being innovative, successful and ahead of the curve.
With DiscoveryTel Ghana history of success and commitment to emerging technologies, this is the ideal sales environment for a professional looking to build an amazing career.
Overall Purpose:
  • A dedicated Fiber Based Broadband Acquisition seller is needed in order to proactively support new in region internet through fiber building sales opportunities.

  • This position will be responsible for generating new revenue from customers in buildings where DISCOVERYTEL GHANA pre-deploys network assets such as fiber and WAN, VPN’s multiplexing.
  • The primary responsibility of the position will be to sell DISCOVERYTEL GHANA IP services, including WAN’s, LAN’s, INTERNET, VPN to locations of accounts from all DISCOVERYTEL GHANA segments, ranging from SBAC through SCG.
  • There are unique aspects to the position that require superior technical and negotiation skills. From a technical standpoint, the position will verify DiscoveryTel Ghana technical architecture understanding of a property, and will be responsible for updating internal fiber assets DBMS with accurate information.
  • From a negotiation standpoint, the position will also own the relationship with the client, securing the ability of DISCOVERYTEL GHANA to solicit customers in exchange for advanced network assets.
  • Finally, the position will have to interface not just with customers, but with other DISCOVERYTEL GHANA account teams to properly serve and approach key customers such as SOHO and corporate accounts.

The performance of this position will be evaluated based on new sales revenue, customer satisfaction, and importantly, maximizing building penetration to ensure a return on pre-positioned network assets. Finally, the position will work at a local level with engineers to leverage the new architecture in a way that provides a superior customer experience. At the customer level, this position will be responsible for meeting all customers within the corporates institutions, identifying opportunities, proposing and closing sales, and may require collaboration with the customer’s assigned account team. Achieve sales objectives by structuring and securing new FBB high speed data services with customers located everywhere across the country. This job key applies to employees who spend more than 80% of their time in duties directly related to making their own sales away from the employee’s office at a customer’s place of business or home.

For those individuals employed in the regions of Western/Cape Coast, Volta/ Eastern, Ashanti/Brong-Ahafo, Northern Regions and Greater Accra Regions this job key applies to employees who spend at least 80% of their time in duties directly related to making their own sales away from the employee’s office at a customer’s place of business.

If you are qualified for this position, Send your CV to [email protected] or click to apply