Reverend Minister calls for prayers for judges hearing election petition

Accra, March 31, GNA – The Reverend Solomon Kotei, General Overseer of  Radiant Light Gospel Mission, on Easter Sunday called on Ghanaians to pray  for the judges of the Supreme Court, hearing the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP)  election petition.

He said the political stalemate generated over the case, in which the NPP  is challenging the 2012 general election the Electoral Commission declared  National Democratic Party (NDC) as winners, call for prayers ‘so that the  Justices of the Supreme Court will be given boldness, strength and wisdom by  God to come out with the truth’.

Rev Kotei said Jesus Christ whose resurrection all believers are  celebrating represent the truth and so ‘the judges should call a spade a  spade’.

He said when Jesus Christ appeared before Pontius Pilate for judgment, he  was very bold and outspoken and so Pontius Pilate declared:  ‘I find no fault  with this man.’

Rev Kotei said the truth would save Ghana from polarisation and send  signals to Africa and the rest of the world of the good tidings the country’s  democratic process could offer.

‘If Christ is risen, truth must always triumph and I believe it will  triumph in our days and our time,’ he stressed.