NDC To Be Hauled Before International Criminal Court.

Feature Article of Monday, 1 April 2013

Columnist: Baffour, Francis

The nation now sits on tenterhooks awaiting “The Decision” from the Supreme Court on the rigging of Election 2012 by the evil, corrupt NDC which still cannot account for almost 250,000 overseas votes given to its president (a whopping 1.3 million votes in all) and other anomalies like the massive electoral fraud in Volta Region, No verification But vote, torching the IT office of EC to destroy evidence, pink slip issues, I could go on. This makes Ghana’s EC probably the worst in the world and needs to be revamped.
Obviously the game is over for NDC, Vagabonds-in-Power (VIP), as seen by the international community and foreign Diplomats in Ghana but they are in a state of denial, knowing very well The Nile is in Egypt. They have marred Ghana’s enviable reputation as champion of democracy in Africa by rigging Election 2012 with billions of dollars borrowed at high interest rate from China which is still propping it up.
In Election 2000, the US Supreme Court ruled for George Bush in the dispute with Al Gore with the results of Florida on the line. This year in Ukraine the Supreme Court cancelled election results to favor the opposition which had alleged rigging. In Election 2012, the diabolical Afari-Djan openly ceded his power by declaring the Supreme Court as the right place to go by the opposition to seek redress. In Kenya, the Supreme Court sat till midnight to settle contested elections within three weeks and paved the way for the extradition of the winner to The Hague for orchestrating past election atrocities.
The NDC has a track record of abducting and killing Judges in the past and there are flashes playing out in “The Decision”. Some of the Judges have received threats and hired NDC thugs have stomped the Supreme Court ground brandishing machetes and chanting war songs to intimidate and signal retaliation and even killing if the ruling does not go their way, the very hallmark of these Vagabonds-in-Power (VIP).
A few lucky ones have been bribed just as the NDC did to the Electoral Commissioner, the notoriously corrupt Afari-Djan who got a $35million paycheck to throw the election to NDC. Money rules the world
Two sidekick petitioners of Nana Addo had their vehicle tires slashed in the same pattern and one got involved in a near-fatal accident after a trip to the NDC president’s hometown. Already fingers are pointing at NDC security operatives determined to eliminate the petitioners and kill the Court case.
A former Ewe Supreme Court Judge, Kpegah, has been lured from retirement with a free bungalow, which doubles as a poultry farm, and cash incentives by NDC to engage in a “Rumble-in-the-Jungle” with the main petitioner Nana Addo to distract Court proceedings and swing the verdict for NDC. Chutzpah!
The IT section of EC where results are computerized was torched to destroy evidence for the Court.
What they do not know is that the will of the majority cannot be trampled upon easily. People are going to come out in large numbers to stand up for their rights (thanks, Bob). We are talking of the “One Million Occupation” of strategic areas like the main streets, buildings, EC office, the ports to make sure Akan products are not exported for earnings to end up in the coffers of the NDC Vagabonds-in-Power.

The Young Patriots have a role to play by registering up to a million or more for a possible showdown. Just follow the example of Jehovah Witnesses by going from house to house to get names, phone numbers and addresses and put it all in a database to be drawn on later. Good job SHAMO!
The next stage is for the Young Patriots to go on You Tube and study the moves of the group PUBLIC ENEMY and their song FIGHT THE POWER. Just master the routine for it might come in handy pretty soon. It is your duty to provide protection to the millions celebrating the NPP victory. As an incentive, you will be made the core of future uniformed jobs in the country. Get registered now.
The first in line to crush are the fool soldiers or democrats as they call themselves. They are going to be unleashed by the NDC to thwart your good efforts but do not spare them. Go for these copycats! This is how the civil war in Ghana will begin. The destiny of Ghana is in the hands of the Young Patriots.
If Akans are targeted in a major crackdown on the streets, then it should be ruled as genocide. At this point, the international community should intervene as they did in Libya to crush the Gestapo army in Ghana that refused to fight both in Ivory Coast and Mali for fear of being killed in combat but takes delight in slaughtering innocent civilians. There will be retaliation against the Ewes and Anlos everywhere in Ghana since they make up the bulk of uniformed jobs and are enemies with Akans.
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon should not allow this to happen under his watch to mar his reputation but should act swiftly against this evil, corrupt NDC government of Ghana.
Worldwide bank accounts and assets of the NDC and family members should be frozen as happened in Ivory Coast. Their seized properties in Ghana should be given to victims of Police and Military aggression who have been properly documented by a respectable newspaper like The Daily Guide.
Plus, the International Criminal Court should arrest all leading members of NDC, especially the Ewe mafia within and slap them all with a travel ban. This will be a precedent for electoral fraud in Africa.
To counteract the threat from “Nyebros -in-Uniform” who have occupied the length and breadth of Ghana, it is about time to cede part of Akanland to foreign troops to provide sub-regional security to attract investors and at the same time bar “Nyebros-in-Uniform” from Akan soil. Money meant for military and security purposes could then be diverted toward Education, Health and infrastructure.

Francis Baffour (Nom de plume)