Every sickness including ‘self destruction’ has a solution – Mallam Kokotiko

Entertainment of Monday, 1 April 2013

Source: Chuks Ineh- adentan.com


Something happened over the weekend again in the spirit of the Easter celebration and this time we saw a notice listing what some special herbs we saw could be used for. Our curiosity drew us further to see the clearer side of it all, perhaps ask questions.

What we saw were names of herbal medicines clearly written on a placard, then on a table were contents inside different containers suggesting that each sickness had a solution inside the container. But what baffled us was that one inscription on the placard had just a ‘symbol’ on the table.

We further went on to ask the seller(Mallam Kokotiko) what it meant. What age is or was required of the person to indulge in such ‘self destruction’ (no pun intended) as the case may be. Stylishly furious, he told us in his own words, “gerrout you people, plenty plenty question for only me? Even last week one fine boy Ghana actor (name withheld) come buy some. Him sey he want to increase him size.” Shock as we were, we laughed over it.

On a second thought, we decided to let our readers know how the weekend went on the funny side of life. Most of us read about the juju in the Ghana music industry, yet religious fanatics and hypocrites will condemn such whereas we all have our freedom of worship.

We also hear about footballers going to shrine to get powers to support them to be excellent in their chosen vocation. Some of us frown at their indulgence but jump in jubilation when that same player scores a goal.

In the same light today, people are beginning to look at African traditional medicine as the best health treatment alternative to western medicine.

The lingering part is why on earth will a Ghanaian male celebrity think that he needs to increase the size of his ‘anaconda’? Does being a celebrity means that everything he possesses must be impressive?

To many who many who may think it’s a personal issue on who gets what, then it may not be because the world was made to understand that in 2011, Ghanaians had the second longest penis in the world, read In 2011, Ghanaians Have Second Longest Penis in the World; and in 2012, another research came out, and this time the men had dropped to third position, read here In 2013, Ghanaian men have 3rd largest penis size in the world – Research