Actor urges govt to develop film industry

Lagos – A Lagos-based film actor, Mr Michael Okon, on Sunday urged all tiers of government to put structures in place, to ensure the survival of the film industry in Nigeria.

Okon gave the advice in an interview in Lagos.

He said that the provision of such structures would bring out the best in stakeholders in the Nigerian film industry.

“I urged the government to step in by putting in place structures that would make the industry more attractive to Nigerians, because of the huge capital involved in the film sector.

“If structures are in place and everything is moving fine, investors would come into the country to collaborate with us; and that is more money for the sector and the country,” he said.

Okon also advised the government to ensure adequate security in the country.

He said that the threat posed to security by terror groups, had prevented the shooting of films in some states in the north.

According to him, those potentialities in these states are what are shown in films that make Nigerians excel in the world of movie shooting.
“So, lack of adequate security has prevented people from going to some areas to shoot films.

“Security also goes with going to watch films in any country. If adequate security is not in place, then the investments are not safeguarded too.

“It is security that guards investments, and it enables things to run smoothly”.

Okon also advised stakeholders in the film sector to exhibit the culture of the people in their works.

“We must not forget our culture as a people. We have to retain them and display them for the people of the world to see, through our films.

“These are the things other climes had used to sell themselves. We need edifice that can help us fast track these things for better film-making and security”. (NAN)

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