OPEN-LETTER TO PRESIDENT JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA: Well done but more to do for Central Region

 OPEN-LETTER TO PRESIDENT JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA: Well done but more to do for Central Region

Dear President John Dramani Mahama,

We deem it a great honor and privilege to write to you this letter to congratulate you on your successful election as the President of Ghana. Words cannot explain the joy we have as citizens of this country to see our nation successfully conduct another free and fair general election.

As the leader of our nation, we wish to thank you for exhibiting excellent leadership which we believe ensured peace and unity in the country before, during and after the election.

It is a fact that the December 8th 2012 election was one of the keenly contested elections in the history of our beloved country, your election to the position as the duly elected President will be written in the history books of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as a victory dedicated to the late President, Professor J.E.A Mills. We the members of the Central Youth for Peace have absolute confidence in you that you will continue the better Ghana Agenda started under the late President Mills and as citizens of this beloved country we assure you our total support to enable you achieve all the good works started by Former President Mills.

Your Excellency, thank you for continuing the numerous developmental projects in the central region of Ghana, especially the on-going construction of the Kotokoraba Market and the new Cape –Coast Stadium which are just a few of the numerous on-going projects in the central region of Ghana. We therefore believe that as a result of the numerous developmental project being received by the central region under your government, the people of the central region have a major role to play in your government, in order to advance the better Ghana Agenda.

The central region is home to some of the most brilliant Ghanaian citizens, especially noting that power was handed to you from Prof J.E. A.Mills, an illustrious son of the region. In this respect, we appreciate the fact that some of its citizens like Ms Hanna Tetteh, E.K.T Addo, Ama Benyiwa Doe and Pokua Sawyerr, have been given appointments in your government and in the Council of State.

However, compared to appointments of citizens from other regions, we believe Your Excellency needs to do more to bring into your government and public administration some very capable sons and daughters from the region. We believe that learned and hardworking citizens like Dr. Ekow Spio Gabrah, Hon. Aquinas Tawiah Quansah (Member of Parliament for Mfansteman), Hon. Rickets-Hagan Kweku (M.P for Cape-Coast South) and Hon. Georgina Nkrumah Aboah (MP. For Asikuma-Odoben Brakwa) should be brought on board to advance THE BETTER GHANA AGENDA being undertaking by your government.

Your Excellency, we would like to draw down the curtains here with the hope that your government will move the nation forward in the right direction, we also hope that opportunities will also be given to some of the learned people from the central region to play major roles in your government, God bless our homeland Ghana, God bless the President, His excellency John Dramani Mahama and God bless the people of Ghana.