Editorial – 20 Ghana cedis for votes

Feature Article of Thursday, 14 March 2013

Columnist: New Free Press

–how Ghanaians allowed themselves to be deceived

Most Ghanaians have no right to complain about the current hardships, high taxes and the candle and generator lifestyle they are being forced to endure. Majority of them have already been paid by the NDC in their campaign to get re-elected. Thousands of Ghanaians collected laptops, mobile phones. 20 Ghana cedis and 10 Ghana cedis in T-shirts which were distributed in the cities as well as in the rural areas especially in the Greater Accra, Ashanti Region Brong Ahafo and Central Region.

In the Central Region for example, President Mahama showed how the people of the Central Region are so gullible in that as long as you give promises, buy kenkey and fish and distribute some 20 Ghana cedis, people will sacrifice their future and destiny for you. He went with some Chinese men who were paid 5,000 dollars each to pretend they were businessmen. These men went with a grader to the kotokuraba market and Cape Coast stadium. They were used to promise that these projects will be completed. Now that he has been re-elected, there are no sign of these Chinese businessmen . What has happened to the 200 community secondary schools that were promised? It was not even captured in the budget.

The President has already broken 4 promises 2 months into his government. Spending is out of control, Corruption is getting worse, there are no housing programmes or policy to kick start the dead economy.

So far no Minister including the President has declared their assets. The President in a clear conflict of interest personally is involved in the management of 6 private companies. They are Eco Petroleum-with Alex Mould

Star Oil- 60% majority owned

Republic Bank-majority owned Bank based in Trinidad and Tobago

Engineers and Planners-with brother Ibrahim Mahama

NDK Financial Services- 50% shares with Mr Oko Nikoi Dzane

Energy Bank- has 30 % share with Nigerian Businessman and Lawyer Jimoh Ibrahim

President Mahama , together with Johnson Aseidu Nketia also owns a stevedoring company at the Tema Harbour as well as controlling stakes in a gas company called Princeton Gas . The reason why there is no LPG in Ghana is because the President has refused to sign a document that will allow Ghana to tap gas from the West African Gas Pipeline project unless the company that has his brother Alfred Mahama and Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Campaign Manager for the 2012 campaign as directors is given the sole rights to distribute LPG in the country! The 2013 budget shows clearly that between now and June 2015 no project or serious activity can and will take place in Ghana. There is simply no money, all the money is with Mr John Mahama and close family members and associates as well as the secret group headed by trusted aide Elvis Afriyie Ankrah to use again towards their party congress in 2014 and in preparation for the next General Election 2016.

So Ghanaians please stop crying and complaining. You deserve all the hardship ,pain and suffering.

Suraju Musah Mohammed

Managing Editor New Free Press Kotobabi Abavana Down Accra