Ghana : John Paintsil arrested for assault and causing harm to wife

One of the Ghanaian footballers who was part of the just ended 2013 Africa Cup of Nations is in the grips of police.

According to the Greater Accra PRO of Police, DSP Freeman Tettey, it was revealed that after initial interrogations, it was known that the footballer had stabbed his wife.

According to an eyewitness who pleaded for name not to be revealed , “I was at home when I heard a noise. I went to investigate and saw John Paintsil and his wife exchanging words. John alleged that his wife h ad stolen $20,000 from him. He started beating her mercilessly till she started bleeding. His wife then run to the next house but Paintsil scaled the wall and went after her and kept beating her.”

“The landlord had to come out and slap him [Paintsil] after some exchange of words. H e lef t the place with his children. The police then arrived. She (Richlove Painstil) collapsed and it was John Mensah’s wife who took her to the hospital.”

During the exchange of words it has it according to eyewitness that the footballer’s wife jumped their Trasacco wall into a neighbour’s compound but the footballer (Paintsil), followed her and slapped the individual holding the wife preventing him from touching her.

The wife was reported to have fallen unconscious and is currently receiving treatment in a disclosed hospital.

John Paintsil has however been charged with assault and causing harm

It is however told that DSP Freeman Tettey has it that ‘definitely’ the footballer would be arraigned before court.