Goldie stole my husband; she is a liar and a pretender – Rival

Ifeoma Harvey, ex-wife of Leonard Andrew Harvey

Ifeoma Harvey, ex-wife of Leonard Andrew Harvey

Nigerian musician and former Big Brother Africa housemate, Susan Goldie Harvey may be no more but issues surrounding her death and life is currently at the centre of public scrutiny.

The Don’t Touch My Body hit singer died on February 14, Valentine’s Day at the Reddington Hospital, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria shortly after complaining of severe headache. She had just after arrived in Nigeria from Los Angeles, United States where she attended the 55th Grammy Awards.

An autopsy carried out on her on February 19 after her sudden death at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria and signed by Dr. O. O. Oyewole of the Department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine said she suffered a terminal hypertensive heart disease which resulted in intracerebellar haemorrhage (intracerebral hemorrhage).

Shortly after her death, news emerged that, contrary to a widely held beliefs that she was single, she was married to businessman Leonard Andrew Harvey.

Another interesting twist that has surfaced on the media scene; a bitter Ifeoma Harvey, an alleged ex-wife of Leonard Andrew Harvey is claiming Goldie stole her man.

She took to social networking site Facebook to state her side of the story and also issue a stern warning to Leonard Andrew Harvey.

She said, “Leonard Andrew Harvey, I have had enough of your lies and allegations about our marriage and your relationship with Susan. This is my time to speak about our marriage and relationship.”

“Leonard Andrew Harvey married me Ifeoma Harvey and when we started having issues we were not fully divorced and he secretly went and married Susan (Goldie) in Nigeria and their wedding took place at Ikoyi Registry Office in Lagos and that was the same registry office we both got married,” she narrated.

Ifeoma warned Leonard Andrew Harvey saying, “I think you have a lot of explanations to do and please do not push me to the limit because this will result to a lot of prosecutions on your part. Leonard Andrew Harvey be careful of what you are doing and saying because you are hurting our kids. This is your final warning anymore of your lies I will instruct my lawyers to issue proceedings.”

Shortly after Goldie’s death, the estranged ex-wife claimed on Facebook that the Big Brother Africa star was her best friend until she seized the right moment to steal her man in Nigeria, while he was still married to her.

“She never knew that one day death would come calling. She rendered that man useless, took all his money and right now Andrew Harvey is lying in the hospital in Malaysia. Goldie went to Malaysia to visit the sick man before going to USA (for the Grammys) and came back to meet her mysterious death,” she said.

Ifeoma added that “Goldie is a liar, pretender and desperado. She wants to get money and fame at all cost, forced her trashy music down our throat, went to BBA and messed up with Prezzo.

“Married woman indeed! Why is Andrew posting their so-called marriage pictures now? Maybe the charm she used has cleared from his eyes! He should shut the hell up and pray for quick recovery from his sick bed in Malaysia. After that he can go back to London and beg his wife and two kids for forgiveness!”