Former pm: Express host calls for educational reforms

Private legal practitioner, Nii Arday Clegg is calling for reforms in Ghana’s educational system to make our students more competitive globally.

The former host of Multi TV’s current affairs show, pm: EXPRESS, made the call at the launch of his first book, Ten strategies for making top grades at the university, in Accra.

The 31 page book gives students tips on how to be at the peak academically especially at the university.

Recounting, instances where students are denied admission to pursue further studies or attend prestigious institutions of higher learning as result of poor grades, Nii Arday said he was challenged to put his experience at the disposal of other students.

He also called for a proper institutionalized system that will help Ghanaian students match up to their contemporaries in other countries “we need to see how the qualification we get is international, the system should go back and look at how we can internationalize it, if we want to keep the current system make it recognized, but if we want to go back to the old system, change it not exactly as it use to be but make it fit the modern era , change the curriculum and bring out the best talent in the people”.

Chancellor of the Central University college, Dr. Mensa Otabil commended the author and expressed the hope that students who come across the book will make maximum use of the ideas contained in it.