Kwesi Pratt questions Rawlings integrity

General News of Thursday, 14 February 2013

Source: The Insight

Kwesi Pratt Jnr

Those who thought that Mr. Jerry John Rawlings had come to a dead end in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) may have to rethink.

The man has changed his tactics and is gradually but surely warming his way to the very centre of power in the Mahama administration.

Photographs of him and his wife posing with President John Mahama with smiles all over their faces must be the envy of the most savvy PR practitioners.

Mr. Rawlings featured prominently in a Peduase Lodge gathering where diplomats spent an evening offering New Year salutations to the president.

Somehow, Mr. Rawlings has managed to create the impression that he was angry with former President Mills and not the NDC and President Mahama.

Mr. Rawlings also distanced himself from the National Democratic Party (NDC) formed by his wife in spite of the fact that the party constitution names him as a co-founder.

He has also skillfully avoided open and direct criticisms of the Mahama administration. There are indications that Mr. Rawlings’ new approach is paying off. NDC serial callers who used to lash out at him are now full of praise for their founder and NPP serial callers who used to hail him have gone mute.

Mr. Rawlings is definitely re-engineering himself and it appears that he is succeeding.